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Trips to Indonesia offer an infinite number of travel opportunities for backpackers on a budget!

Comprised of 17,000 islands, Indonesia paket wisata bali 2017  is the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country and from West to East, it covers the same distance as the US coasts. With limitless biodiversity, spectacular natural wonders, and cultures that are shrouded in mystery, trips to Indonesia are one-of-a-kind!

For many years Indonesia was a Dutch colony and it finally gained its independence in 1945. With its gigantic population of over 220 million people, Indonesia is Southeast Asia's largest economy, although it lags behind Thailand and Malaysia in terms of economic wealth per capita. With so many islands, it's not hard to believe that the country boasts the best beaches and scuba diving in the world. It also has the highest number of volcanoes of any country, and thus it is a huge draw for those who are passionate about volcanoes and hiking. Arguably though, it is the depth of its culture that makes the country so intrigui…