Trips to Indonesia offer an infinite number of travel opportunities for backpackers on a budget!

Comprised of 17,000 islands, Indonesia paket wisata bali 2017  is the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country and from West to East, it covers the same distance as the US coasts. With limitless biodiversity, spectacular natural wonders, and cultures that are shrouded in mystery, trips to Indonesia are one-of-a-kind!

For many years Indonesia was a Dutch colony and it finally gained its independence in 1945. With its gigantic population of over 220 million people, Indonesia is Southeast Asia's largest economy, although it lags behind Thailand and Malaysia in terms of economic wealth per capita. With so many islands, it's not hard to believe that the country boasts the best beaches and scuba diving in the world. It also has the highest number of volcanoes of any country, and thus it is a huge draw for those who are passionate about volcanoes and hiking. Arguably though, it is the depth of its culture that makes the country so intriguing and that makes it worthwhile to backpack Indonesia.

Among the most beautiful trips to Indonesia, a great adventure is to explore the Gili Islands. They are located off the coast of north east Lombok, a ferry ride away from Indonesia's most popular tourist magnet - Bali. There are three islands, Gili Air, Gili Trawangan and the smallest, Gili Meno and each one is blessed with powdery white sand and incredibly clear turquoise waters. No wonder backpackers have been calling these islands 'paradise' for years now. And, there are no cars, no motorbikes, no dogs and no police to interrupt the bliss! Snorkeling and diving there is heaven. For those looking for some fun, head to Gili Trawangan where you'll find chilled out backpackers and locals partying on the beach every night.

You can also backpack Indonesia and head out to East Java to discover its spectacular volcanoes. Many options await you! Go through plantations and rainforests, enjoy magnificent views of a green emerald crater lake and end with an amazing climb up to the Mt Bromo volcano, famous for its smoking crater. Or you can take on the challenge of climbing up the active Mt Rinjani volcano. You can reach the summit [3,726m] before sunrise and feel the satisfaction of achievement as you enjoy an amazing sunrise and spectacular views from the top. When you make your way down to Senaru village [600m] you will go through thick tropical forests before returning to Kuta.

Another great adventure to do when you backpack Indonesia is to get off the beaten track and see the beauty of the Balinese countryside. Cycle past beautiful rice fields, meet local farmers and enjoy breathtaking views of volcanoes. You can also go in search of the world's biggest lizards - the 'Komodo Dragons'. While you backpack Indonesia don't hesitate to travel to Komodo Island, stopping by Donggo, and get the chance to discover the amazing Komodo Dragons. Enjoy world-class snorkeling at Pink Beach and go to Labuan Bajo. View more wildlife in Rinca Island, swim at Gili Laba, and stop at Moyo Island to hike up to a wonderful waterfall through unspoiled nature. You got it; trips to Indonesia will never get you bored!


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